List of Activities around Semarang

Indonesia is a country that has many tourist destinations for your dream vacation. Bali and Lombok are some of the popular example. If you want to visit less popular place, you can try to visit Semarang, Indonesia.This city may be less popular than Bali or Lombok, but it doesn’t means it’s less attractive. The following paragraph will give suggestion to some of the recommended activities around Semarang.

There are many places you can visit when you travel to Semarang. Some of the recommended tourist destinations are listed below:

  • Trying Luwak coffee: Semarang has one of the best coffeehouse where you can try to taste the infamous Luwak coffee. The coffeehouse is called Blue Lotus. Luwak coffee is famous due to the unusual process from civet cat’s digestive enzyme. Yes, civet cats will eat coffee beans and Luwak coffee is made from the beans obtained from civet cat’s feces. It may sounds like an unpleasant process. However, the digestive enzymes enhance the taste of the coffee, making it different from any other coffee you have ever taste. You can also order regular latte in this coffeehouse.
  • Visiting Rawa Pening: for those who love capturing the beauty of nature, this place can be a great destination to visit. Rawa Pening literally means Clear Swamp. It covers more than 2.500 hectares land at Ambarawa Basin. A lot of attractions are constructed around this large swamp, including Kampoeng Rawa, Eling Bening, etc. However, these constructions, in addition to excessive aquatic plants within the swamp may actually damage the ecosystem. It is predicted that the swamp will be dry by 2021. Thus, local government of Semarang released a green-belt regulation to lengthen the lifespan of the swamp.
  • Tasting Semarang’s popiah: one of the specialty of Semarang is its cuisine. One of the most popular cuisine in Semarang is Lumpia. This food originally came from China and being brought to Indonesia by Chinese immigrants. It consists of thin sheet of pastry filler with various filling, including meat, fresh vegetables, egg, and bamboo shoots. It is usually served wither deep fried or fresh. However, most people prefer the fried one due to the savory taste of oil. There are a lot of places that serve this foods, such as Lumpia Gang Lombok and Lumpia Express.
  • Visiting Mandala Bhakti Museum: this museum holds various war memorial during the Independence War of Indonesia. It holds various historical items, such as documentation and weaponry of Indonesian military during the war era. The building was designed by Kuhr E, a Dutch architect. It was initially meant as a court for Europeans. After the Independence, this building was used by Indonesian Army as the command headquarters until 1985. After that, this building was finally decommissioned and turned into museum. You can see various weaponry, such as 25 PDR field gun, and Browning machine gun.

The list above already explain some recommended places in Semarang you can visit during your vacation. If you only have limited time, these places should be enough to represent the experiences offered by Semarang.


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